Cardiff Cocktails

By Mark Holmes

Cosy Orange Punch


Having received a beautiful punch bowl from Amy for Christmas I thought it would almost be rude not to post a recipe capable of filling it. For this punch I turned to David Wondrich’s (the absolute king of Punch and other historical drinks) book on Punch. The recipe I adapted was James Ashley’s Punch, a recipe Wondrich sourced from Grub Street Journal, January 1736.

This is a simple Punch to prepare, with pretty much all the work being done while preparing and bottling the shrub. Once this is bottled it’s as simple as it gets. For this Punch I give the recipe using 1 whole bottle of spirit.

Cosy Orange Punch

  • 700 ml Bottle of Brandy
  • 700 ml Bottle of Orange, Clementine, and Lemon Shrub
  • 700 ml Bottle of Mineral Water 

Pour ingredients into the punch bowl, add a large block of ice and grate nutmeg over the top. Be warned, this punch goes down very easy.

Orange, Clementine, and Lemon Shrub

For every bottle of shrub you plan to make, take the peel, avoiding as much pith as possible, of 2 Seville oranges (sometimes called bitter oranges, the kind you use for making marmalade), 1 Clementine, and 1 lemon. Save the fruits for latter. To the peel add half a pint (1 cup) of light raw sugar and muddle until the sugar starts to absorb the oil from the peel. let stand for 1 hour. This is your oleo-saccharum.

To this oleo-saccharum add 500 ml of hot water and stir to dissolve the sugar. Squeeze and strain 200 ml of the juice from the fruit reserved earlier, squeeze more if necessary. Chill, bottle, and refrigerate ready for use.

  • 2 January 2013
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